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That photo is me.

I often wear sunglasses on top of my head. Someone once asked my sister why I was wearing them in a dark bar on karaoke night. She said, "because she brings sunshine wherever she goes".

I don't know about all that. I mostly wear them to keep hair out of my eyes, and I do get angry sometimes.

I'm still mad at myself for losing the jacket I'm wearing in that photo at a hotel in Niagara Falls. But overall, I like to look on the bright side. Love and enlightenment and all that 'good energy' stuff.

Maybe that's why I write romance. Even if it takes my characters a few books to get there, I end stories with a(n) HEA.

Are my books racy? Well, yeah. But they also burn slowly. In real life, once it's over, it's over. 

There's no time machine that can take us back. We'll never again experience those first kisses (or *ahem*  more...) with the same lover. 

Given my characters seem to choose their mates for the long haul, I want them to enjoy the roller coaster ride they endure while making that choice. You may not see the racy part of my stories until you've cracked the book past mid-spine.

Or, you might.

It's my character's story to tell more than it is mine.

This brings me to my first guarantee to you, the reader. Despite any wait, the build up to these scenes is intense

But, if you're looking for one intimate scene after another from page one, you won't find it coming from my keyboard. It's just not who I am as a writer. I try not to interfere with that part of the creating or the organic storytelling that my brain provides. I won't risk angering the creative Gods by adding a love scene just because books sell better with more of them.

When things do get heated for our hero and heroine...look out. It's game on, and it's probably going to be explicitly described (in as tasteful a way as the character wants to describe it, depending on his or her personality). 

It's a huge rush when my readers tell me their frustrations with this 'slow burn' method, and more so when they turncoat and say how much they LOVED it. 

The secret win for me as a writer? These characters hooked you! 

You'll know what my made-up people would drink in a bar. 

You'll pick fitting, real-life examples of them out of the next crowd you're in. 

You'll wish you had them in your phone contacts, because they're so fun to spend time with.

Stick around to see what characters we meet next, which brings me to my final guarantee:

Whoever shows up on the page, we'll be surprised together.

Please also sign up for my randomly released newsletter to hear about new books and contests! 

(I promise, you'll hear from me far less than your local home improvement or department store.) 

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