Every book in this series just keeps getting better and better. I am someone who does not like to change out my favorite authors, but with MJ Woods I can say that this new book series is one of my favorites. I love the characters, I love how the characters are all entwined with each other, the romance was so sincere, the mystery kept me on my toes and I absolutely loved the love these two characters share. I can't say enough about the very steamy scenes, perfectly done with style without making it unbelievable. From page one of the first book to the last page of the third book, I have been HOOKED. I cannot wait to see where MJ Woods goes next. This was my favorite book of the series, but you have to read them in order to experience this epic love story for yourself.... MJ Woods has totally left me wanting more. Best read all year! If you only have the time for one series this year, this is the one you don't want to miss....

I voluntarily read an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review and I am so glad I did!

I was waiting for the final part of the trilogy after getting hooked on this series with Balance and Sway. Now it’s finally here! Bought my hardcover this past weekend and flew through it. We are now totally wrapped up in these characters, and the plot flows smoothly through the events leading up to the Gala. Smoothly, however, does not mean boring. This book is anything BUT! We see closer into the colliding worlds of Aidan and Alexis, with some very emotional scenes that left me surprisingly teary-eyed. Having reached the end of the series, I am sad to take leave of these characters, yet the the author leaves enough space (intentionally, I hope) to continue this love story. Loved it!

MJ Woods does not disappoint in her third book, Fall, in her trilogy, The Amped Series! I fell right back into the "I can not put this book down trap" while reading the prologue. I have been counting down the days to continue Aidan & Alexis' story. From page one, MJ captivates the readers and has them yearning for more. Her unique & descriptive writing style will make you laugh out loud, feel the characters come alive on the pages and will probably even have you blushing at times!

I really appreciate the depth that she gives her characters and the captivating stories of all of the characters in the series. This is not your typical romance/erotica story, this author is gifted with words that flow on the pages!

I look forward to more books filled with your amazing style!

I had been (impatiently) waiting for the third book in this series to be released - and it was worth the wait! I think the way you know a book is good is when you're upset to reach the end. I am going to miss the characters in these books so much and can only hope that some of the supporting characters show up as the stars in their own books in the future! I read about 3-4 books a week (I really love reading) but so few have any staying power. I could probably reread some of them and never know it. That is not the case with this series. The writing and character development is so strong that I find it hard to believe this is only the third novel by Ms. Woods. This is one author I will be following to learn about new releases!

This was the final book of 3. My oh my how I wish I could read about Aidan and Alexis more. This book was great as usual. It seemed a bit into the characters past lives than the other two which makes it so hard to let go now that the series ends. This was another smasher for MJ Woods. Awesome job!!! I'm such a fan now so what's next?

From her distinctly descriptive prose that places you right there next to her characters... her plot lines that put you on the edge of your seat and not able to stop reading until you realize that you have read the night away & you can no longer keep your eyes her amazing characterizations that make you wish you knew these people in real life and pray that she will give each of them their own books that allow us glimpses into the ongoing lives of our fav Amped characters... MJ WOODS is the total package! Last, but certainly not least, this series has that HOTNESS factor that will make you add these amazing books to your list of favorite love stories... Don't miss out! They are SOOO worth the read! ENJOY!

Fall is a must read if you loved Alexis and Aidan from Balance and Sway - not sure how you couldn't fall in love with them! Their character development, their love affair, and their sexy bedroom scenes just continued to get more in depth and if possible HOTTER! Aidan would be the perfect lover/boyfriend, and Alexis...she would be a great friend and confidant! This book also had you at the edge of my seat, as you never knew what was going to happen during this thriller. Only thing that would make this book better is if my family would have let me read it all at once! I cannot wait for MJ Woods to release another story. She is one captivating author! I was one of the lucky early readers...I was asked to read the story and write an honest review.

Fall is the third and and final book in the Amped series and I have to say, I’m sad to have finished the book because I didn’t want it to end! These three books are well written and are easy to get sucked into. I have plans to reread the series and hope the author decides to give us a book 4 by the time I’m done!



The "AMPED SERIES" contains adult content. Not intended for audiences under 18.