M.J. Woods


"Rates up in the Top Ten of my favorite romance novels."

"When I was reading this I was living it. I felt Alexis' pain, her delight, her hesitation and her joy."

"I only put it down because I needed to sleep."

"Where is Book Two?!"

"Being brutally honest - I loved it!"

"Can't wait for the next one."

"I love it so much. It's so f***ing good!"

This is a serial CLIFFHANGER!

This is an awesome debut novel. It is well written, flows well and the characters are fully developed. All the supporting characters served a purpose and fit in with the story. Love the Tedeschi Trucks Band!!! The next installment can’t get here soon enough!

"I finished it. I'm dying without Alexis and Aidan!"

"I am soooo bummed... that I am almost done! Dragging it out! Waiting for the next one!"

"I eat books for breakfast. Seriously, I have read sooooo many authors in this genre. This book is great!"

"The best new author I've read in a long time!"

"Finished the book two weeks ago. Still thinking about the characters."


"Last page. WTF!!! I need more!"

"I feel like I cheated on my husband. Well done!"

"I've tried reading a few books since yours and I threw them down after Chapter One. #favoriteauthor"

"I'm hooked."

"I can't read fast enough!"

"I laughed out loud last night reading in bed."

"I brought Balance with me today so I could start it between running errands. Three hours later, I was still in the parking lot."

"Oh. My. God. SO HOT!"

"So good!!!!!!"

"So I reached the point when I absolutely can't put it down. It's killing me to have to stop!"

"Will look forward to reading any books you put out!"

"Stayed up two nights in a row until 1 AM...couldn't put it down. Had to finish!"


MJ Woods hit an artery with this book because it's gushing with seduction AND a dynamic plot. Something you don't always get in the romance genre.

The seduction between the main characters, Alexis and Aidan is hot. It starts as a slow burn, but heats up to steamy "blow the top of the kettle" heat.

Woods' character descriptions are what I consider "just right".

She gives the reader just enough detail for you to imagine up the characters, but not so much that you're overwhelmed and bogged down with unnecessary descriptions. She leaves just enough to the imagination,

which left me with an "oh, so sexy" image of the man that could play Aidan Pierce in the movie version. I won't tell you which actor I'm picturing for the role- I'll let you read and fill in the blank for yourself (ooh, la, la!)

Suffice it to say, he's damn sexy.

Her writing style is clear, funny, current, and fast paced which makes this a book that you can devour. You'll wish you had the time to sit on a beach or in a cozy cabin to read uninterrupted.

Woods puts the main female character, Alexis, in a position that would make any woman struggle with her own inner feminist. As the reader I found myself on a roller coaster of emotion battling the desire for Alexis to be a strong and independent woman, yet, like the main character, incapable of resisting the seduction of a strong, take charge, sexy as hell man in control. Who could resist???

Thank you MJ Woods for making this book a part of a series-because you can't get enough of Alexis and Aidan in just one book!!!

"Get me book two before I have a melt down!"

"Should have been cleaning and doing laundry but instead I read the first 100 pages. Don't want to put it down!"

"I have been dragging out reading the last twenty pages. I don't want to give up these characters."

"I miss Aidan and Alexis!"

"This is not the genre I normally pick for myself and I am enamored with these two and their relationship."

"Classy and unbelievably hot!"

"The visual is drawn wonderfully, a way of describing things that pulls me in. I keep finding phrases I love and say it's my fave, then I find another!"

"Got the book yesterday and read it through to the last page by 4AM. I thought it was really good!"

"Seriously loved it. I haven't put it down the last two days!"



The "AMPED SERIES" contains adult content. Not intended for audiences under 18.